PPS was established in 1993. Over the past 20 years we have supplied some of the largest reticulation projects undertaken in the South African Electrical Distribution Industry (EDI). Initially we produced enclosures only for Eskom, a shroud type cover to protect electrical distribution and metering kicks from vandalism in the (then) townships. Since then we have grown to become the largest reticulation enclosure manufacturer in South Africa. Today we supply network distribution equipment to all of the electrical utilities across the country, from Cape Town to Messina. All our products are manufactured from Stainless Steel, mild steel or DMC/Fibreglass. 

Following are some of the large reticulation projects undertaken by the EDI, that we have been key suppliers to:

  • The Soweto Meter Move Project, totaling 18000 fiberglass meter boxes.
  • The Soshanguve electrification, totaling 12000 DMC boxes.
  • Abasi Monte in East London, totaling 7500 pole mount distribution enclosures.
  • City Power with 15000+ high risk Protective Enclosures made from 3CR12.
  • Also, various large shopping centres such as River Square, Melrose Centre, and other Commercial Buildings.

We are currently the preferred supplier to Eskom for Meter Kiosks under 1MVA. We supply extensively to all our neighbouring countries, including Namibia, Botswana, Mozambique, Zimbabwe and Zambia, successfully completing projects for TANESCO Tanzania and UMEME Uganda, both for the meter roll-outs of 20000+ new KWH meters, supplied fitted and wired into electrical enclosure assemblies. We have also supplied to Europe, delivering distribution fuse boxes to ESB in Ireland (PPS had the contract to supply from 2007-2009).



The facilities at Power Process Systems are amongst the best on offer, stemming from years of experience and innovation. Our CNC departments are well equipped and boast machinery of the highest standard, covering a wide spectrum of processes including slitting, punching, bending, corner forming and laser cutting. All our equipment is cutting edge and we strive to remain at the forefront of technology. A working area of approximately 10 000 square metres (JHB) and 4000 square metres (CT) makes up the bulk of our manufacturing facilities. All processes are done in-house and with the exception of periphery services such as galvanising, nothing is ‘jobbed out. Each individual facility is a duplicate of the other. Laminated products are catered for in our Composite departments, using only the best resin and chemicals on offer. Moulds are designed and produced in-house. All our products carry the SABS 141 certificate of approval. We use a process known as “ RESIN TRANSFER MOULDING” in order to achieve a consistent tensile strength and finish.


We also offer Polyethylene Products, if requested. These are made using our PPS moulds at a dedicated SABS approved Polyethylene manufacturing facility. Chemical cleansing and Passivation for 3CR12 and stainless steel is carried out at our Pickiling and Passivation Plant.. A five stage dipping process forms the basis of our cleansing process and is assisted by high pressure spraying equipment, for final rinsing. All mild steel products are Phosphate treated in a 7-step corrosion treatment process. An independent company determines the chemical levels in our tanks and performs corrosion testing, on a bi-monthly basis. Our Powder Coating plants boast a double chain ’camel-back’ type oven and incorporates two spraying booths, allowing for higher volumes and for more than one colour to be sprayed, at any given time. Final assembling and wiring is facilitated in our Electrical departments. Ten different assembly stations are well equipped to deal with the required fitment, assembly and wiring of our products. Logistics include a well-maintained and serviced fleet of vehicles, consisting of light commercial delivery vans right up to 4-ton trucks. Administration incorporating our Finance, Sales, HR, Purchasing and Design Departments are all located in our head office block in JHB and Cape Town. All branches are IT connected for seamless administrative functionality.