From individual products to production of thousands of complex items, our CNC facilities offer flexibility and are versatile enough to accommodate most customers’ needs. Through our unique 3D unfold technology we can design products in an assimilated 3D-Plain environment and then “unfold” these products for manufacturing purposes, ensuring that any design issues are automatically addressed. Our CAD design processes are focussed on quick workflows, allowing our clients to view a panel’s properties before manufacturing begins, ensuring that changes are made and approved that all is correct. Through our laser processes we are not limited to geometrical shapes and lines. The oscillating cutting process allows for infinite design possibilities. We cannot only literally and accurately cut a handwritten signature out of steel but can do so in up to 20mm of stainless steel.

Inventor, sheeting, Dr Abe Nesting, Bend cam and AP100, are the best software programs available on the market, as applicable to our business. PPS can CAD-design, bend-cut, fold, unfold, formulate and manufacture almost anything from sheet metal! For our composite products we used vacuum assisted resin transfer moulding(VART). This process ensures that all composite products are exact, due to the use of┬ámale and female moulds. The vacuum process also eliminates all air pockets and resin inconsistencies, thereby vastly improving the structural, mechanical and tensile strength. Our CAD processes are also purpose built to create and modify electrical control and distribution systems. Line diagrams are converted to “as-built” assemblies. This automated task makes use of a comprehensive symbol library to construct any distribution assembly. This technology increases productivity, reduces costs and errors, and provides accurate information for manufacturing and record purposes. This increased design efficiency allows for a much smoother integration between the fabrication of the enclosures and functionality of the desired function or process. This software was designed in-house and is unique to PPS. Ask one of our dedicated sales staff for a full demonstration.